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Welcome to Aquatronica’s website..

..a space full of useful information on our products, where you can download software updates, read the latest news, subscribe to our newsletter, share and upload pictures, contact our staff, ask for assistance and much more..

Thanks to this interface Aquatronica opens its doors to all your needs and curiosities.
Aquatronica grants all the aquarists the comfort of knowing that their aquarium is under control and always offers a healthy environment for fish and coral keeping, even if they are out of town for a few days.

Aquatronica control systems are very intuitive and user friendly. The user can easily manage all the electric and electronics devices connected to the aquarium through a single controller. This grants the automation of fresh and salt water tanks and the control of the main chemical parameters.

Thanks to their flexibility, Aquatronica products adapts to all users’ requirements. Our complete range is ideal for creating customized, versatile, ever-expandable systems…systems tailor-made for your aquarium!